David Pattison

Wingman, Chairman, Mentor, Investor and author of The Money Train

David Pattison

Wingman, Chairman, Mentor, Investor and author of The Money Train

Formats available: Paperback, ebook
First published: January 26, 2021
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
ISBN: 978-1788601948

The Money Train

10 things young businesses need to know about investors

Before you get on the Money Train, here’s what you need to know… You have a great business idea but no money. There are investors out there with money looking for interesting new businesses. On the face of it, it’s a match made in heaven, with lots of positives – but beware the negatives. Those investment decisions will shape the future of your business. The standard models that investors impose on start-ups and young companies can mean loss of control, overbearing input, disproportionate reward to the wrong shareholders, or founders being squeezed out of their own businesses. Investment can also prop up a business artificially, building false hope and disappointment in the long term.

Winner of the Startup/Scaleup Book of the Year at The 2022 Business Book Awards.

Praise for The Money Train

‘The Money Train is the roadmap to a goldmine; David Pattison spills the secrets that are normally kept to exclusive networks or charged for six-figure fees. Set to be the essential guide for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level’.

Bruce Daisley
Author of The No.1 Sunday Times Business Bestseller – 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again

‘Spending time with David is always time well spent and this book is no exception. What I appreciate the most about David is his razor-sharp questions and practical insights. Reading this book was the same as every conversation I’ve had with David, he’s supportive but there’s no sugar-coating, and for any business considering investment this is a must-read’.

Sarah Ellis
Author of The No.1 Sunday Times Business Bestseller The Squiggly Career; Co-Founder, Amazing If

‘Forget theory, this is entrepreneurship told as real-world life experience - one that every entrepreneur, myself included, can instantly recognise. With this book, David has mapped your uncharted territory for you. Take it on your journey’.

Mark Eaves
Founder, Gravity Road

‘The Money Train is not only a great read, but also a fantastic reference book for founders, when it comes to fundraising. It provides reassurance on the things you're doing right, as well as guidance on areas that need improvement. I can say this first-hand, as it's exactly how I use it’.

Paul Grundy
Founder, Baggl

'The Money Train is an incredibly insightful, yet easy read which I’d recommend to anyone going through or thinking about raising investment. The tone is spot on. There are points in the book which I could relate to my short journey so far, but it also highlighted aspects I had not yet considered and could potentially trip me up in the future. The structure of the book makes it simple to read up on quick, actionable advice, whilst the chapter segmentation is perfect for revisiting which I will undoubtedly do during any future raise. The Money Train is effectively your own investment advisor in a book’.

Tom Jelliffe
Founder, Tzuka

‘I’ve been hugely fortunate to have had David as my mentor and Chairman and in that time his knowledge and guidance have been invaluable with regards to fundraising and investor relations. This book is the next best thing if you’re not so fortunate and will provide you with plenty of good actionable advice that you will and should keep going back to’.

Prash Naidu
Founder, Rezonence

‘I really enjoyed the read. Lots of good advice in there brought to life with useful anecdotes, quotes and real-world examples’.

Hugh Campbell
Partner, GP Bullhound

‘This is a brilliantly practical, well-structured book written by someone who has the experience and wisdom to share his knowledge. It doesn’t preach or lecture but has golden insights into the pitfalls and opportunities young businesses face from someone who has witnessed first-hand huge highs and some lows. Every young business and entrepreneur should make this their handbook’.

Dame Carolyn McCall
CEO, ITV plc

‘I have been a business founder and an investor. I have built businesses from scratch and inherited large organisations. I have worked alone and in partnerships. I have used my own capital as well as having investors both private and institutional. This book takes me back to the early days of being a founder. It made me smile at the memories of some of the situations David describes. His insights and advice are spot on and will help any young business founder to navigate the shark infested waters of the investment world. He charts the positives and pitfalls of taking outside investment. Either way The Money Train is essential reading for any young entrepreneur’.

Steve Parish
Chairman, Crystal Palace Football Club; Business founder and investor,

‘An excellent read, with an easy layout and flow. This book is refreshingly honest and practical for an up and coming entrepreneur or someone raising money. I wish it had been around when we first started our fund-raising processes! David’s experience is clearly demonstrated throughout, highlighting so many of the potential wins and pitfalls, needle moving details and levers that are critical in making a fundraise a success. Highly recommend’.

Dominic Joseph
Founder, Captify

‘Be prepared, you will have David Pattison's voice permanently in your head when you start reading this book. He has managed to read your thoughts, capture your questions, your fears, your hopes, compiled them, and answered them comprehensively and compassionately (he never makes you feel stupid for not knowing what you don't know). Your Money Train will feel and run more smoothly because this book exists’.

Muna Nageh
Founder, The Circle of Style

'I know I will come back to this book time and again for reference in the future, and I expect other founders to use it in the same way. The Money Train is a great analogy because that’s exactly what it feels like’.

Sam Peters
Founder, Octaive

‘A great idea will never succeed without proper finance. But where to start? The Money Train is an expert guide to raising capital. A brilliantly written book by someone who's lived every high and low of building businesses. David knows exactly what he's talking about and after reading his book, so will you’.

David Mansfield
Author of The Monday Revolution